Optical Birefringence Study on a confined Discotic Liquid Crystal

28.3.2014 Study on the orientational order of a discotic liquid crystal confined in nanochannels published in Soft Matter.


Spatial Variation in Nanoconfined Glass-Former

2.6.2014 Study on the spatial variation of molecular dynamics in the nanoconfined glassformer methanol published in the Journal of Chemical Physics C.

Dielectric Spectroscopy Study on a Nano Confined Liquid Crystal

2.3.2015 Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy reveals a radial partitioning in the structure and dynamics of a rod-like liquid crystal confined in silica nanochannels (published in Soft Matter).


Study on protein adsorption in mesopores published in Langmuir

26.2.2014 Study on protein adsorption in mesopores published in Langmuir.

"Protein Adsorption into Mesopores: A Combination of Electrostatic Interaction, Counterion Release and Van der Waals Forces" (pdf)


Promotion Sebastian Mörz

12.12.2013 Sebastian Mörz got his PhD.