Imbibition of water and a liquid crystal in nanoporous silica


Gravimetric study on the capillarity-driven invasion dynamics of the rod-like liquid crystal octyloxycyanobiphenyl (8OCB) in mesoporous monolithic silica glass (Vycor) reveals the existence of a paranematic phase driven by the molecular alignment of the rods in the narrow pore structure (see article published as part of the special issue on nano- and microfluidics in Journal of Physics).



Transition from van-der-Waals to hydrogen-bridge bonding dominated interaction upon physisorption on graphite reported in Physical Review Letters .

X-mas hike 2010

20.12.2010 Christmas & Spicy Wine Hike
on the Kirkeler Felsenpfad (Saarland)

We enjoyed a beautiful hike on the Kirkeler Felsenpfad. Press thumbnails to see more pictures of the trip or check Outings to see pictures from previous Christmas hikes.

Collective orientational order of molecular liquids revealed by optical birefringence

December 2, 2010

High-resolution optical birefringence isotherms reveal collective orientational order in molecular liquids upon condensation in a monolithic, mesoporous silica membrane (see publication in Physical Review B [pdf]).