Relevant Publications:

Quantized self-assembly of discotic rings in a liquid crystal confined in nanopores
Kathrin Sentker, Arne W. Zantop, Milena Lippmann, Tommy Hofmann, Oliver H. Seeck, Andriy V. Kityk, Arda Yildirim, Andreas Schoenhals, Marco G. Mazza, and Patrick Huber
Physical Review Letters 120 067801 (2018).

A ferroelectric liquid crystal confined in cylindrical nanopores: Reversible smectic layer buckling, enhanced light rotation and extremely fast electro-optically active Goldstone excitations
Mark Busch, Andriy V. Kityk, Wiktor Piecek, Tommy Hofmann, Dirk Wallacher, Sylwia Calus, Przemyslaw Kula, Martin Steinhart, Manfred Eich, and Patrick Huber
Nanoscale 9, 19086 (2017).

Chiral phases of a confined cholesteric liquid crystal: Anchoring-dependent helical and smectic self-assembly in nanochannels 
Sylwia Calus, Mark Busch, Andriy V. Kityk, Wiktor Piecek, and Patrick Huber
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2016).

Thermotropic interface and core relaxation dynamics of liquid crystals in tubular silica nano channels: A dielectric spectroscopy study [pdf]
Sylwia Calus, Lech Borowik, Andriy V. Kityk, Manfred Eich, Mark Busch, and Patrick Huber
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17, 22115 (2015).

High-resolution dielectric study reveals pore-size dependent orientational order of a discotic liquid crystal confined in tubular nanopores [pdf]
Sylwia Calus, Andriy V. Kityk, Lech Borowik, Ronan Lefort, Denis Morineau, Christina Krause, Andreas Schönhals, Mark Busch, and Patrick Huber
Physical Review E 92, 012503 (2015).

Soft matter in hard confinement: phase transition thermodynamics, structure, texture, diffusion and flow in nanoporous media
Patrick Huber
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 27, 103102 (2015).

Inhomogeneous relaxation dynamics of a liquid crystal confined in a nanoporous solid
Sylwia Calus, Andriy V. Kityk, Manfred Eich, and Patrick Huber
Soft Matter 11, 3176 (2015).

Molecular ordering of the discotic liquid crystal HAT6 confined in mesoporous solids
Sylvia Calus, Andriy V. Kityk, Patrick Huber
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 197, 26 (2014).

Paranematic-to-nematic ordering of a binary mixture of rodlike liquid crystals confined in cylindrical nanochannels
S. Całus, B. Jabłońska, M. Busch, D. Rau, P. Huber, A.V. Kityk
Physical Review E 89, 06251 (2014).

Thermotropic orientational order of discotic liquid crystals in nanochannels: an optical polarimetry study and a Landau-de Gennes analysis
Andriy V. Kityk, Mark Busch, Daniel Rau, Sylvia Calus, Caroline V. Cerclier, Ronan Lefort, Denis Morineau, Eric Grelet, Christina Krause, Andreas, Schönhals, Bernhard Frick, Patrick Huber
Soft Matter 10, 4522 (2014).

Vibrational Density of States of Triphenylene Based Discotic Liquid Crystals: Dependence on the Length of the Alkyl Chain [pdf]
A. Schönhals, C. Krause, R. Zorn, F. Emmerling, B. Frick, P. Huber, J. Falkenhagen
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16, 7324-7333 (2014).

Structure and phase behavior of a discotic columnar liquid crystal confined in nanochannels
Carole V Cerclier, Makha Ndao, Remi Busselez, Ronan Lefort, Eric Grelet, Patrick Huber, Andriy V Kityk, Andreas Schönhals and Denis Morineau
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116(35), 18990 (2012).

Thermotropic Nematic and Smectic Order in Silica Glass Nanochannels [pdf]
Andriy V. Kityk und Patrick Huber
Applied Physics Letters 97, 153124 (2010).

Collective molecular orientation of a calamitic liquid crystal (12 CB) confined in alumina nanochannels [pdf]
Gilbert Chahine, Andriy V. Kityk, Nathalie Démarest, Fabien Jean, Klaus Knorr, Patrick Huber, Ronan Lefort, Jean-Marc Zanotti, and Denis Morineau
Physical Review E 82, 011706 (2010).

Criticality of an isotropic-to-smectic transition induced by anisotropic quenched disorder [pdf]
Gilbert Chahine, Andriy Kityk, Klaus Knorr, Ronan Lefort, Mohammed Guendouz, and Patrick Huber
Physical Review E 81, 031703 (2010).

Continuous paranematic-to-nematic ordering transitions of liquid crystals in tubular silica nanochannels [pdf]
Andriy V. Kityk, Matthias Wolff, Klaus Knorr, Denis Morineau, Ronan Lefort, and Patrick Huber
Physical Review Letters 101, 187801 (2008).