This project focuses on investigations of Polypyrol (PPy) inside tubular pores in a micro-, meso-, and macro-porous Silicon (PSi). PPy offers the possibility to modify the electrical conductivity of PSi in a controlled way. It furthermore opens up sensoric and actoric applications for the PPy/PSi hybrid system. The experiments with the 1D system will be complemented by investigations in the planar 2D geometry. This combined approach permits to establish PPy/PSi as a multiscale hybrid model system within the SFB 986, and at the same time it opens up application-oriented developments.

Giant electrochemical actuation in a nanoporous silicon-polypyrrole hybrid material [pdf]
Manuel Brinker, Guido Dittrich, Claudia Richert, Pirmin Lakner, Tobias Krekeler, Thomas F. Keller, Norbert Huber, Patrick Huber
Science Advances 6, eaba1483 (2020).  

Adsorption-induced deformation of nanoporous materials - A review [pdf]
Gennady Gor, Patrick Huber, Noam Bernstein
Applied Physics Reviews 4, 011303 (2017).