Homepage of TemplDisco, a project directed towards an understanding of template confinement effects on discotic liquid crystals, went live.

Impressions from our most recent experimental synchrotron run at ESRF, Grenoble.

18.12.2009 Christmas & Spicy Wine Hike
on the Panoroma Path (Perl, Saarland)

We enjoyed a beautiful hike on the Panorama path close to the border triangle Luxembourg-France-Germany (Perl, Saarland). Our traditional spicy wine break ("Glühweinschwenken") along with the sunny weather made even the quite low temperatures bearable. Press thumbnails to see more pictures of the trip or check Outings to see pictures from previous Christmas hikes.

Study on the use of mesoporous silicon as a template for metallic copper and semiconducting cuprous oxide deposition published in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society.


Anke mit Hut

Hut Nahansicht

Anke Henschel proudly presents her mortarboard from her PhD graduation.