10.8.2012 Optical birefringence study on the influence of nano-confinement on nematic liquid crystals published in Physical Review E .


Gravimetric study on the capillarity-driven invasion dynamics of the rod-like liquid crystal octyloxycyanobiphenyl (8OCB) in mesoporous monolithic silica glass (Vycor) reveals the existence of a paranematic phase driven by the molecular alignment of the rods in the narrow pore structure (see article published as part of the special issue on nano- and microfluidics in Journal of Physics).


Transition from van-der-Waals to hydrogen-bridge bonding dominated interaction upon physisorption on graphite reported in Physical Review Letters .

20.12.2010 Christmas & Spicy Wine Hike
on the Kirkeler Felsenpfad (Saarland)

We enjoyed a beautiful hike on the Kirkeler Felsenpfad. Press thumbnails to see more pictures of the trip or check Outings to see pictures from previous Christmas hikes.