20.12.2010 Christmas & Spicy Wine Hike
on the Kirkeler Felsenpfad (Saarland)

We enjoyed a beautiful hike on the Kirkeler Felsenpfad. Press thumbnails to see more pictures of the trip or check Outings to see pictures from previous Christmas hikes.

December 2, 2010

High-resolution optical birefringence isotherms reveal collective orientational order in molecular liquids upon condensation in a monolithic, mesoporous silica membrane (see publication in Physical Review B [pdf]).

October 12, 2010

Optical birefringence study on the phase transition behavior of a rod-like liquid crystal (8OCB), confined in silica channels, published in Applied Physics Letters (pdf).

October 21, 2010

Short video on optical switching in a porous silica matrix.
Press this link in order to see the same phenomenology for porous alumina!

For more information on the physics of the process, see the following article - pdf.

5.4.2013 Thermotropic nematic order upon nano-capillary filling

Our study on the optical birefringence and light absorption of silica nanochannels filled by a rod-like liquid crystal (published in Physical Review E (pdf)) documents that the thermo-optical properties of nanoporous systems (or single nano-capillaries) can be tailored over a surprisingly wide range simply by variation of the the filling fraction with liquid crystals.